The needs of different life events... the power of an investment!

Where Art and Sculpture meet Architecture and Real Estate
Gems and Jewellery meet Antique Pieces and Vintage Cars
Finance and Investment Consultants meet Dealers in Coins and Stamps
And a place where the Investor fraternity converge together

The World Of Investments is a Unique Exhibition Platform to showcase a combination of varied Investment avenues, products and services by inviting exhibitors from across the globe to present a bouquet of contrasting Investments at the Exhibition. As a concept, clubbing together various Investment options, the Exhibition is thoughtfully curated around four major segments - Luxury, Finance, Alternative, and Real Estate. An amalgamation of different categories, as this ensures each segment acts as a catalyst for the other while still upholding its essence.

The World Of Investments

By taking calculated risks, Investment is becoming a shared passion of many across the world, who experiment with different Investment options and build a diversified portfolio. Indian investors are also lifestyle seekers. They identify themselves as global citizens who no longer just look for return on Investment, they also seek to satisfy high aspiration needs.

A place where all the Investment enthusiasts and exhibitors converge to generate interest, interact and do business. The World Of Investments is an endeavour to provide access to a much broader selection of Investment in the space, where one can network and connect directly with key-industry players, investors and buyers. It is the only business exchange which meaningfully connects and attracts highly sought after, hard-to-reach markets.

Driven by strong ethos and maintaining a global focus, The World Of Investments is the world's most exclusive Luxury, Finance, Alternative and Property Investment Expo, with plans well underway for an explosive and motivating forum for its inaugural edition in 2016.

To get best hosting services for Investment Exhibitions, The World Of Investments is the place for you.


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Premium Investment Exhibitions

Conceptually conceived and developed by Ghambir & Associates, The World Of Investments is a Flagship Investment Discovery Gateway and a noticeable host of Luxury, Finance, Alternative and Property Exhibitions and Events. Founded in the year 1990, Ghambir & Associates is a Partnership Firm, a team of passionate individuals dealing in real estate, our value lies in our ability to uncover and attract the right, elusive buyers and connect them to sellers who offer meaningful Investment experiences.

With interest in diversified Investment assets like mutual funds, stock markets, real estate etc., we are committed to endlessly discovering, analyzing, researching and innovating in the Investment market and creating essential, meaningful and long lasting connections into targeted business opportunities.

Sprouted purely out of passion for Investments and backed with over 25 years of experience in the business, The World Of Investments will not focus on scale or chase fleeting ideas of Investments. We will focus on the authenticity of the offerings. This will give us the credibility to market more effectively to the investors' market.

Open for all, the Exhibition shall have several different options that you can choose from that vary in time frame, amount of Investment and expected profits. Be willing to wait until you are comfortable with investing because we believe every penny invested should come from a well informed, educated individual. Join us, as we stand at the threshold of this gateway... Welcome to The World Of Investments!